Zipper Interactive. Unit 13 (PS Vita).

November 2009 - April 2012 | Redmond, WA
Early on the project, I was responsible for architecture, world building, & texturing of the four main areas found in the Marhaba Bazaar map. The Walled Compound, Residential area, Bazaar Storefront, and the Makeshift Bunker. Mid-production, I became map owner. Responsibilities includes level layout, working closely with the designer, prop placements, environmental animations, and lighting. More can be found on my flickr page.

Unit 13 // The Makeshift Bunker

Unit 13 // Residential Area

Unit 13 // Bazaar Storefront

Unit 13 // The Walled Compound

Nathan Herzog | Senior Environment Artist at Cryptic Studios
"I worked with Frankie during the production of SOCOM 4 as part of strike team “November.” He was one of 3 asset artists I could rely on for high quality work on large and complex assets that looked awesome when completed. His great and vast knowledge of Maya served myself and others many times, if I couldn’t figure something out he was the guy I went to. Frankie always maintained a calm and good natured demeanor even during our stressful deadlines and heavy workload."

Cisco Martinez | 3D Artist at War Gaming
"Frankie is a super star in the best sense. He is one of those guys who is way more talented than his age shows, yet it's hard to be jealous of him because he's such a humble person. He can hop on to any task and immediately show you how to do it better. With all the qualities you want in a 3d/environment artist; he works fast, produces high quality work, and has an sponge-like appetite to learn more. If Frankie doesn't know how to solve a problem, he will spend the night at home figuring out, then gladly share his tricks the next day. You could hardly as for more in an employee."