Hi-Rez Studios. Paladins: Champions of the Realm (PC, PS4, XB1).

October 2014 - May 2016 | Alpharetta, GA
I was involved in the early stages of the project. My experience with the Unreal Development Kit was essential in the growth of this project. My responsibilities included everything from architect, environmental modeling, lighting, and kismet. In the beginning, I was part of a small incubation team, working alongside my fellow environment artist (Mouhsine Adnani!), the designers, and a handful of programmers. After many iterations, the game started to take shape and Paladins: Champions of the Realm was born!

A year later, the team has grown, more maps are in development, and more hands are on deck. I currently own materials, aid in environment modeling, invested heavily in performance, and help drive the team with the overall look and aesthetics of the world. [ Flickr / Youtube ].

I am also a Self-Appointed Knight. 


Paladins // Serpent Temple


Paladins // Tropical Jungle: Materials

Various materials for the tropical map art set. Main goal was to keep the instruction count low as possible + having the ability to vertex blend moss/sand on meshes. I was also responsible for a first-pass textures and animated ocean/waterfall materials.