Bungie / Activision. Destiny, The Dark Below, House of Wolves, & The Taken King (PS3, PS4, 360, XB1). 

May 2012 - September 2014 | Bellevue, WA
During my time at Bungie, I have had a hand in various props, environmental modeling, architect, optimizations, speed tree, scene finishing, terrain sculpting, and lighting on both the PVE & PVP experiences. I'm a Titan.

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Destiny // Earth // Architect & World Building 

On the environment (Earth) team. I've worked in collaboration with my fellow Earthlings & alongside the design team on many areas for Old Russia. Work ranges from modeling small props, large buildings, architect (world building), terrain, to scene finishing & volume markups for transitions. Area mainly includes Old Russia, Cosmodrome. Skywatch, Forgotten Shore, Rocketyard ,Refinery , Mothyards, Lunar & Terrestrial Complex.


Destiny // Mars // Lighting works

While on the lighting team (Mars), I have worked in collaboration with David Brumbley on many Cabal & Human lighting. Responsibilities also involves final polishing & optimizations across different worlds. I have also re-architect problem areas & updated geometry as needed to aid in proper lighting culling. Special props to Madison Parker & Mike Poe for sweet light fixtures & lens flares. Final touches from our lighting lead, Ryan Ellis and special thanks to Thad Steffen, Andrew Baker, and Aubrey Pullman!

Had to take into consideration the day-night cycle as well. Since lighting was dynamic, only so many light cones & radius' can affect & overlap meshes at a given time. This includes animated search lights and lens flares. We had roughly three shadow casters for indoor scenes, and one directional light (sun) for exteriors. Props to Andy Xiao for showing me the ways of the Spec Ops team (Mesh animations, light functions & more!). Some really in depth stuff you deal with~

Human locations: Meridian Bay, Dust Palace, Tharsis Junction, Freehold, The Buried City.

Cabal locations: The Hollows, Freehold, Firebase Rubicon, Rubicon Wastes, Scablands, Valley of the Kings, Cerebes Vae III.


DLC // The Dark Below 

PVE // Earth // Jovian Complex. I was responsible for architect and modeling of the smashed warehouse seen in Skywatch. Work included the exterior/interior shell, vertex painting, and propping.
PVP // Moon // The Cauldron. Worked alongside Josh Markham with environmental modeling & scene finishing. More info on the DLC here.


DLC // House of Wolves

I am responsible for environmental, scene finishing, & decorator work for the PVE // Earth // King's Watch.
I have also done work on the crucible map, PVP // Venus // Thieve's Den.
Video gameplay from Datto. More info about the DLC here.


Destiny // The Taken King

I have done some early architect & environment work on various PVE // Saturn // Dreadnaught locations (Especially the area with the crashed Cabal ship).
Architect, world building, scene finishing, and transition markups for PVE // Earth // Colony Ship.
And lastly, early architect & iteration for the crucible map, PVP // Earth // Bannerfall. More info about expansion here.